Video Highlight: HeatPro Cameras Offer Advanced Asset Protection with Fire Detection Feature

Video Highlight: HeatPro Cameras Offer Advanced Asset Protection with Fire Detection Feature

December 01, 2021


Hikvision recently released a video that displays how HeatPro Cameras provide advanced fire detection features to protect assets and property. This feature displays early warnings when a fire or smoke is detected. The video highlights these features as well as the configurable settings available with HeatPro Cameras.

Fire moves quickly once it starts and can cause extensive damage. It is crucial to spot it as soon as possible. The Hikvision team created a fire test and captured it in the recent video on our YouTube channel to show how fast the HeatPro camera can detect a fire. The two functions featured in the test are the temperature measurement function and the smoke detection function.

  • The temperature measurement function sends a notification when the temperature in the room increases to an alarming rate as it may be an indication of a fire.
  • The smoke detection function sends a notification when there is smoke detected in the room.

These features allow for fire risks to be spotted quickly and send instant alerts to the user’s PC or mobile phone. The HeatPro cameras also have configurable settings making them suitable for a wide range of applications. View the test video to see the camera in action.

As the video shows, HeatPro Thermal Cameras are essential for early fire detection. This feature reduces liability and costs associated with fire destruction. Other positive aspects of Hikvision’s early fire detection feature include:

  • Elimination of the wait time and delays from smoke detector alarms
  • Mitigation of risk by enabling personnel to respond before a fire breaks out and greatly increases response time
  • Accurate temperature alarms that filter out false alarms caused by sun reflection, forklifts, and other equipment that runs hot
  • Not affected by shadows, darkness, bright lights, smoke, fog, or rain making it useful in a range of applications

HeatPro Thermal Cameras vastly reduce the risk of fire damage. Warehouses and industrial facilities are safely protected with the HeatPro camera’s wide field of view and 360 degree rotation.

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