HeatPro Bi-Spectrum Thermal Cameras Deliver Advanced Fire Detection for Waste Recycling Facilities

HeatPro Bi-Spectrum Thermal Cameras Deliver Advanced Fire Detection for Waste Recycling Facilities

March 18, 2022

Recycling companies face a major risk of fire, and this threat becomes greater during their off-hours when no one is at the facility to respond immediately. Hikvision's HeatPro Bi-Spectrum Thermal Series Cameras excel at early fire protection and notifications.


HeatPro's dual, bi-spectrum optical and thermal capability captures both visual and thermal changes. Traditional fire alarm installations sound alarms after the smoke accumulates. Hikvision's thermal camera technology monitors temperature differences and can notify security personnel before smoke arises, facilitating rapid response even when no one is at the site.


Hikvision's HeatPro Series comes with many features:


  • Optical and Thermal Images: Placed right next to each other so you can see what is happening, or combine them into one image for extra details.
  • Excludes Reflection: Helps to eliminate false alarms from the sun's reflection.
  • Target Classification: Smart algorithms can exclude vehicles moving through the site.
  • Better Visibility: Thermal video and imaging are not affected by harsh weather conditions and environments.

By setting a specific temperature threshold and pre-alarm temperatures, alarms are sent when those settings are met or exceeded, providing early detections of fire 24/7. This series pushes real-time images so you can see what is happening before you get there, and can be sent to your PC or mobile device through HikCentral, Hikvision's video management system. You can then observe the thermal cameras live to see what triggered the alarm, and whether or not action is required. Easy to use, Hikvision's HeatPro Bi-Spectrum cameras are competitively priced and are effective for a range of applications.


Learn more about Hikvision's HeatPro Bi-Spectrum Thermal Cameras here.

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