Hikvision DeepinView Cameras: Safety in Education with Our Feature Rich AI Solutions

Hikvision DeepinView Cameras: Safety in Education with Our Feature Rich AI Solutions

June 03, 2021


Security equipment at your educational facility must deliver effective monitoring, visitor management, deterrence against violence, and safety for students, staff, and visitors. You need visibility into every area of your campus, and assurance that the information you’re viewing is real-time, accurate and actionable. Hikvision’s DeepinView Cameras with AI and Deep Learning offer a feature rich solution that reduces false alarms, offers smart tracking of humans and vehicles, Attribute Search for faster video search, and it can detect and provide automatic alerts for unusual activity in a crowded scene.

View the new DeepinView product brochure that highlights the cameras’ key benefits, including multi-target detection, area density control, perimeter protection and attribute-based people counting. 

Deploy AI Capabilities to Meet the Unique Situations of Your K-12 Campus

Hikvision provides campuses with budget-friendly technologies aimed at reducing theft, vandalism, and violence. From AI powered solutions that deter bullying to LPR (license plate recognition) technology that prevents unauthorized vehicle parking, and broad area surveillance for building entrances, athletic fields, and hallways, we’ve got your school covered.

  • Simpler video search using attributes and accessories can make it easier to find a lost student or an unauthorized visitor.
  • Touchless biometric access control provides health safety protocols and added security to spaces like science labs, offices, gymnasiums, and any areas that require restricted student access.
  • License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology prevents unauthorized parking or identifies the source of vehicle damage in parking areas.

Learn more about Hikvision AI solutions for education here. Or contact your local Hikvision sales representative for more information.   

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